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MyWordGame is not just designed to serve as an usual word game but more as a great educational tool that can be utilized by school teachers in any grade. It has following two sections:
  1. Word Game - where the definition/synonym/example sentence of a word are displayed. A user can either type in a word or choose a word (MyWordGame Alternative) to play the game.
  2. Story - all the words in the game are originated from the story and this encourages a player not only to learn different words but also the use of words in sentences as he/she plays the game.

This particular version (2.0) of MyWordGame is developed in .NET Framework 4 in VS2009 Beta version using Silverlight 3.0* technology in C#, Linq, and Xml and later an additional .NET Framework 3.5 version in VS2008 Pro is added. There are also two different types of games: 1. MyWordGame and 2. MyWordGame Alternative. While the first one mandates a user type a word for the game, the other provides a set of words for the user to choose.

This game can easily be facilitated once a word file is created in proper xml-structure and placed in the server along with an executable, .xap file. There is an application called "MyWGP (MyWordGameProvider)" that allows a user create/update/manage their word files for their own word games. The new version of MyWGP is still under the deveopment process.

Sample Demo: Visit

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